National team united to feed the children of PEPE

El Salvador is one of the smallest countries of Central Amrica, neighbor of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, with 6.643.000 inhabitants. There, we have PEPE working since 2014, and this year we assisting 479 children at the 24 units of PEPE we have in the country.
When covid-19 arrived in our country, we have entered a big crisis at a national level, as many family members stranded in a social lockdown and did not have how to work to bring food to their houses. The same happened at our PEPEs that are in areas with a few resources, because many of these children receive at PEPE the only daily meal.

Worried about our children of PEPE, the whole national team joined to get donations of food. It was done a call on the social media, at the Baptist Youth Association, at the organization CONVOY OF HOPE, and other organizations that answered and sent food. In one of our units located at the South Region, the city hall of the community also joined us, distributing basic food that enable to bless our children homes.

We knew that alone would be very difficult, but together we could make the basic food baskets to take food to 250 students of PEPE. As PEPE team, we keep to appeal for those that desire to donate because, besides being necessary to get to other communities, we need to keep helping these families, because food is a continuously need.

We pray to God for his provision for each one the families of our students of PEPE.

Veronica Torrento
National Coordinator of PEPE El Salvador

Text edition: Carmen Ligia – Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas

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