A Packed of love for the PEPEs of Nicaragua

In Nicaragua the Pre-School Education Program, PEPE, started to work in 2014 through an agreement signed between World Missions Board of the Brazilian Baptist Convention and Baptist Convention of Nicaragua (CBN). Currently, we have 18 churches engaged in the work with children through PEPE with works that extend to a big part of the national territory and has benefited only this year 519 children, assisted by 38 Missionary-Educators.

Most of the PEPES, count on the certification of the Ministry of Education of Nicaragua (MINED), providing assistance under the modality of community pre-school. The Lord has shown his kindness and every day we testify his name being glorified at the Program, for example, when MINED committed to guarantee the meal for the school daily, giving the supplement each three months at the pre-school; or when the parents organized themselves in committees, naming a council and designing a weekly calendar for the food preparation, among other responsibilities they have taken.

Other big blessing for our children was the school Package that in the beginning of each year, MINED gives to each boy and girl of our units in all the country. This package consist of a school backpack with a box of molding clay, a box of colored pencil, a box of crayon, a set of pencil, a tube of glue, an eraser, a pack of colored paper, a block of white paper, and a set of cup, spoon and plate to be used in the meals.

We thank for the touchable kindness of our God for our children at PEPE contemplating them with these programs promoted by the Government through the Ministry of Education. We ask for your prayers to never lack these resources and for our small ones to continue to be benefited by the Program.

Lizeth de Trinidad
National Coordinator of PEPE in Nicaragua

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