Ministry of Family and Social Inclusion Strengthens Partnership with PEPE Units in Cape Verde

The Ministry of Family and Social Inclusion has emerged as an important ally of the PEPE units in Cape Verde, promoting the well-being and inclusion of the children served by the program. Last week, the PEPE units received the honorable visit of the Secretary of State for Social Inclusion at three of their facilities, marking another chapter in the collaboration between both entities.

One of the recent achievements was the renewal of the partnership through participation in a government-sponsored competition. Among more than two hundred competing associations, PEPE achieved a prominent position, ranking eighth. In a highly competitive process, with only eighteen associations approved, this accomplishment is a source of great pride for the entire PEPE community in Cape Verde.

“All honor and glory to God for this achievement,” expressed one of the program’s collaborators. The ranking not only recognizes the dedicated work of the PEPE teams but also opens doors to new support opportunities. With the approval, the units will have the possibility of receiving more food, materials, and making improvements to the physical space, contributing to offer an even more welcoming and conducive environment for the development of the children served.

This strengthened partnership between the Ministry of Family and Social Inclusion and PEPE demonstrates a joint commitment to promoting the well-being and social inclusion of children in Cape Verde. Through collaborative efforts like this, the program continues to transform lives and make a difference in the community.

With gratitude for the results achieved and looking towards the future, the PEPE units remain committed to their purpose of providing quality education and growth opportunities for the children of Cape Verde.

Translated by Victor Baptista

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