Love brigade at PEPE Mexico

Thinking of the right of all children to be cared for in a holistic way, PEPE contacted several volunteers from different churches and organizations to care for children and their families, using their professions to serve all people in all places.

This is how the Love Brigade was born, carried out in the unit of Monterrey, in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. For a whole day we had the support of a dentist, a hairdresser and a nutritionist who received and cared for children in the PEPE office and in the church facilities, while teaching their mothers to continue this care at home.

There was a great movement in our PEPE with children receiving a lot of love. They went to the nutritionist – who checked weight and height – and soon after to the dentist – who gave them dental care – and then it was time to take care of their hair. What a joy to be able to do something different for our children! A great opportunity to teach them about self-care.

In the meantime, we distributed two baskets of basic food to the most needy, donated by various church members and private companies through the “Servir y Dar” association, benefiting one hundred families.

Intensify your prayers because, according to UNICEF, of the nearly 40 million children and adolescents in Mexico, more than half live in poverty and 4 million live in extreme poverty. 91% of all indigenous children and adolescents live in poor conditions. 6 out of 10 girls and boys between the ages of 1 and 14 have experienced a violent method of discipline.

Continue to pray for PEPEs in Mexico to open new facilities and reach many children with the love of our Jesus to change these numbers.

In the Mexican country, the PEPE team continues to work to fulfil the mission!

Pr. Dan Tostado – PEPE Mexico national coordinator

Text edition – Carmen Ligia

Translated by Victor Baptista

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