Library for PEPE of the lenca ethny

T with U makes: TU; N with A makes: NA; now I know: TUNA!!!

It is touching to hear children connect letters, form syllables, pronounce words, and discover the wonderful world of reading. With these children in mind, we started the PEPE library in Honduras. Approximately 36 children enrolled in PEPE now have direct access to books and an appropriate place for this time when they are taking their first steps toward developing reading skills.

The library is located in the Azacualpa unit, which operates in an educational center in La Esperanza – Intibucá. From there we serve children of the Lenca ethnic group. The Lenca indigenous people is one of the seven indigenous peoples of Honduras, where high poverty and inequality indices converge. They live from the cultivation of corn, beans, squash, chili and cacao. They also make a living selling handicrafts, with pottery being one of their strongest attributes, producing high quality pieces and timeless designs. These pottery, pots, bowls and other ornaments are decorative pieces that are sold to tourists.

After two years of mixed instruction (face-to-face and distance learning), we are happy to announce that this year we have begun to implement PEPE with full face-to-face instruction in all our units, and thank God for allowing us to support our children. We launched PEPE Honduras in 2017 and it has been a great blessing to the children, their families, the church and the community.

We know there is still much work to be done to fulfill the mission because there are still thousands of children in our country who need our help to develop in a healthy way physically, emotionally and intelectually while coming to know Jesus as their best friend and Savior! Do not stop praying for PEPE Honduras because we want to go to other cities, open new units, reach more children, transform families and generations until fulfilling the mission.

Alejandra Milla – PEPE Honduras Coordinator

Text editting – Carmen Ligia

Translated by Victor Baptista

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