Let’s all move forward together

Advancing is our greatest desire, and with that in mind, we have selected a region to concentrate our efforts on expanding PEPE. The chosen region is Kaolack, a magnificent region of Senegal. It borders other Senegalese regions such as Kaffrine, Fatick, and Diourbel, where the heart of peanut cultivation lies. Peanuts are widely consumed by the population in the preparation of Senegalese gastronomic dishes. The geographical position of the region provides quite favorable climatic conditions, allowing for the existence of a variety of natural ecosystems. However, there is a significant deficit in pre-school enrollments in this region. Only 8 to 9% of children have access to pre-school institutions, both public and private. The challenges are enormous, but for the local PEPE team, nothing can hinder the advancement of the Kingdom of God in this region, which clearly needs to know salvation in Jesus Christ. With the aim of expanding the program, we have implemented a strategy of establishing PEPE units with the leaders of churches already present in the region. This strategy consists of several phases, as follows: dissemination, follow-up of those interested in developing the PEPE project, and then the implementation of the PEPE unit. Recently, we presented PEPE in a favorable atmosphere to Pastor Jean Baptiste DIOUF of the Evangelical Church of Ndour, who appreciated the project and is ready to follow the guidance of PEPE for the opening of his unit. Other contacts are being made to advance throughout the region, despite the small evangelical presence in this part of the country.

Prayer points:

  • Let us pray that church leaders understand the mission of PEPE and embrace God’s vision through this beautiful work;
  • May God provide us with the means to reach other communities that have not yet benefited from the PEPE program;
  • Let us pray for all mission and churches working with PEPE. I give thanks to the Lord for allowing everything go well.

Marine Simone NANGO – National Coordinator of PEPE Senegal

Translated by Victor Baptista

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