It is never late to serve God

In PEPE Venezuela we met Marlin, our dear area coordinator whose history of life reaffirms it is never late for us to serve God. For many years, when she started her career in the pedagogical area, Marlin was the responsible for the national project of literacy, called “ACUDE”. Therefore, as she knew PEPE, she immediately sympathized with the project and got involved, delivering her time and heart to help the children.

But what draws our attention is her age: she is 71 years old! The community, children and their family are impacted by her love, and it breaks us, because it tells us that there is no age limit to serve God in PEPE. She is loved by children, respected by the missionary-educators, admired by PEPE’s team, and valued by the Community. Love showed by actions, this is Marlin!

The state of Anzoátegui is one of the most affected by the political and economic situation that has plagued all the country. The situation in this place is sad, but we see how God brings hope to many children and their family, through sister Marlin and her team in PEPE Venezuela.

We should follow the example of Marlin and the prophet Ana that, being 84 years old, never left the temple, adoring God day and night, fasting and praying, talking to everyone about Jesus, as we see in Luke chapter 2.

May God send us more sons and daughters, no matter the age, may they join PEPE to give hope and a new tomorrow to help each Venezuelan child.

Ruth Saraid Cordero
National coordinator of PEPE Venezuela

Carmen Lígia – text edition (portuguese version)

Translated by Débora Cristina Ribeiro dos Santos

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