Ex-pepita becomes a national soccer player

Goooooooal. Who said that dreams do not come true? Today our little girl is an important soccer player.

In 2008, the family of Luz Maria left Assunción, her homeland, and moved to Arroyos y Esteros, a city in the countryside of Paraguay, looking for better living conditions. One day, her mother wanted to participate of the mass, but she found the church closed. That is when she heard a group singing with much enthusiasm.

Curious, she walked to the place where this group was. Thereby, she arrived at the Baptist Church of Arroyos y Esteros, where she had an amazing encounter with God that changed the course of her life. In the following week, she brought her husband and two children to worship and, days later, everyone was baptized, testifying the power of Christ in their lives.

That is how Luz started to study in PEPE Semillita Israel, where she gave her first academic steps. She continued studying in Baptist School Israel, in the same church, until she completed the sixth grade. Luz loves music and she became a drummer in the church, using her talent to praise God.

But she also loves sports, especially soccer. Luz became a high-performance athlete and she excelled so much that today she plays for Cerro Porteño, a famous team of the first division of Paraguay. With much effort and drawing attention in her team, she was selected to defend her country in the South American Championship and in the Libertadores Cup.

We praise God for PEPE Paraguay, which has taken the love of Jesus to many children, and pray that our Luz Maria keep representing the light of Christ wherever she is.

Pr. Javier Gallarza
Coordinator of PEPE Paraguai

Text Edition(portuguese version) – Carmen Lígia

Translated by Débora Cristina Ribeiro dos Santos

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