Graduated but didn’t leave PEPE

In 2019, two little brothers, Adam and Martina Figueroa, arrived at PEPE in Mendoza, Argentina. Beside the two of them, they had another little sister named Brunella who, along with her father and mother Elizabeth, when they saw how children were treated with such love at PEPE, quickly wanted to know more about God. So the family went to church services and other meetings, while the kids were happy at PEPE.

That same year, a tragedy struck in the family when the father died. By then, Elizabeth had to take care of her three children alone, with no home and no job. She received all the support from the missionary-educator of PEPE, from the entire church and from the Women’s Group and, shortly after, she managed to get a job and also found a house to live with her children.

With the foundation he received at PEPE, Adam continued his studies and was honored at the school as the best student. He is currently in his 2nd year of high school and is discipled at the church as he prepares to be baptized. He is still at PEPE, but now as a volunteer supporting the little ones, while his mother volunteers preparing and serving the snack. Her sister Martina graduated from PEPE in 2021 and is in her first year of elementary school, participating in the School Support Program, and her little sister Brunella has already joined PEPE Huellitas to take the first steps in her academic preparation. Seeing the family in the church brings a lot of joy and once again proves how much the child needs the integral care of the church, also reaching out to his family.

May God bless the PEPE’s of Argentina so that they continue to take care of and bring God’s love to many boys and girls and, at the same time, bring Jesus Christ into their homes!

Graciela Alencastro
National coordinator of PEPE Argentina

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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