El Salvador already has twenty units

We celebrated on May 15th the joy of launching a new unit in El Salvador, thus, completing twenty units in full working in our country. We got a total now of 396 children having the opportunity for a better tomorrow, receiving whole care at PEPE.

El Salvador  already has twenty unitsI want to share with you the story of life changing of one of our children. Little Johnny is a student in our PEPE. He is 6 years old and lives with his parents and sisters. When he started coming to PEPE, he was a violent and aggressive child, including, using a lot of bad language. So, his behavior was not proper at all. The missionary-educator noticed that was something in Johnny that made him to behave like that and she started to give more attention and care to him, daily separating a time to sit and talk to him. The fact was that the parents and sisters were not christian and they had serious problems in the house. As a consequence of the lack of stability in his own house, the boy started to present that bad behavior. Our missionary-educator started to treat him deeply, inviting him to go to the church, talking to him about his family and his home environment. It was like that, with the time passing, our pepito started feeling the trust that the missionary has offered him and bit by bit his behavior started changing not only with the missionary-educator, but also with his friends. He started to get happier at PEPE, to pay attention to everything that was taught, to work with excellence in the individual activities and suddenly for everybody’s surprise he offered himself to distribute the snack for the other children, something that he has never agreed to do before.

Now, Johnny is a different child and the missionary-educator is working with him for him to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. With lots of prayer, faith and especially love, we hope that this will be one more child rescued from the social risk and that it may cause a impact in his house and community.

Observation: We have changed the name of the child to protect his identity.

Gladys Ortiz
National Coordinator of PEPE in El Salvador