Word of the general coordinator of Pepe

Many people have asked about the situation of PEPE in Beira, Mozambique since the passage of the Idai cyclone on March 14th. We summarize here the information received today, March 28th, from our coordinators.

Since Saturday, 03/23rd, PEPE coordinators are visiting the units where there is access to personally verify the situation. Although, to move around is difficult due to the lack of transportation as well as by the terrible conditions of the damaged roads.

Palavra da Coordenadora Geral do Pepe

Up to now there is no information about dead ones or missing ones among our PEPE staff. However, everyone was affected somehow. The educators residences and the families of the children assisted suffered many damages. Many houses were completely destroyed and most of the ones standing lost their roofs that are usually made of zinc flats. Everyone is working hard to remove the rubble and buy some material to improve the shelter for the people. But the prices are increasing making it difficult the reconstruction.

We also lost the education and pedagogical material of the children of PEPE units. Besides, the few food we had was taken by the waters. Another great worry is the cholera outbreak that was established due to the lack of basic sanitation at the neighborhoods. The humanitarian aid is arriving, but it is not enough to supply the people demand and needs.

Our PEPE coordinators, at regional and national levels, are making a detailed report about the situation of the units and their priority needs, so that we can guide on the aid. As soon as we have access to it, we will share this information.
We count on the prayers and support of all the ones that are able to get involved. Besides the urgent help we are getting for the Mozambicans, we are also organizing to developing actions to strength and encourage the children and the educators, and actions to improve and rebuild the units on the next months.

God bless the Mozambican people in this very difficult moment and give us the wisdom to contribute with effective actions to rebuild Beira and the surrounds with the expression of love and care of God.

In Christ,

Terezinha Candieiro
General Coordinator of PEPE
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