With Jesus everything is better!

Inside the house there was a constant discomfort with so many fights because of the father who, when he got home from work, let his terrible character emerge by fighting with the whole family. There was no longer the joy of the father’s arrival, the joy of sitting around the table for meals, not even a pleasant time of conversation or games.

Despite knowing God, the parents were on the verge of a separation, as their relationship as a couple had already reached an unbearable situation. As a result, their children were being physically and emotionally neglected, sick and unprotected.

It was at that moment that God sent the solution, opening the door so that the son, Juan*, who was five years old, could be enrolled in PEPE and thus begin his studies. He was very well received by the Missionary-Educator, by his companions and soon he was very integrated into the group, laughing and participating in the activities. But the problem was beyond PEPE, because, when he finished the activities, he went back to his house and to all the existing conflicts between his parents. As much as he was happy at PEPE, when he had to go back home, all the problems came back. It was necessary to act and help Juan.

This is how the church made all the difference by visiting the family, getting close to the parents, presenting Jesus as a Lord and Savior and the only helper in this time of family crisis. And where Jesus enters everything changes for the better! With Juan at PEPE, the family received the pastor’s care and the affection of the entire church where they are now active members.

We can already see Juan going with his parents every Sunday to worship God in the church, where PEPE is. Caring for children is the role of PEPE and introducing Jesus to parents has been the role of churches.

Keep contributing and praying for PEPE Venezuela!

Fanny de Garcia – PEPE Venezuela Area Coordinator
* fictitious name

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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