Train to serve better!

One of the foundations of PEPE is the training of its team in all areas of activity! We are aware that the mission educators who serve the children every day need qualified training. PEPE therefore has the initial education and continuous training to serve this public that is so important to the development of the program. PEPE has a common framework curriculum for children in kindergarten that must be adapted to each reality. 

This is no different in Senegal, and because of the change in the national curriculum and the new methodological approach it entails, the national assembly of missionary educators has discussed these changes.

The new always causes strangeness and discomfort, and this was the initial reaction of mission educators to the changes proposed by the Senegalese Ministry of Education. However, as the training progressed, the atmosphere of apprehension gave way to togetherness and the acquisition of new knowledge.

One thing that is widely defended in the Ministry of Education’s guide is play as a methodological axis in teaching practice in early childhood education, without forgetting the socio-affective aspects that are recommended as anchors for quality learning.

The training focused on explicit teaching, always alternating theory and practice. The workshops allowed a greater exchange of experiences and represented a unique moment to clarify doubts and apply theory in practice in the classroom.

This time of training was also important because of the devotions given by pastors and leaders who came to encourage us in our mission to bring hope to the child, his family and his community. Of course, we’re in Africa, and yes, we learned many songs and dances that are or will be taught in the PEPE units.

What did we take away from this training period? We were challenged to keep learning, so several more trainings are planned for the next few months. We were challenged to work harder and harder to provide a good education for our children, and last but not least, we are missionaries to take the Gospel to these children and their families.

May God help us in his mission.

Ricardo Santos – Continental Director of PEPE Africa

Translated by Victor Baptista