The gospel changes at once the tribe

Aché is a people that held collectively the gospel, understanding that the individual decision was also part of the process. When they heard and understood the message of love and salvation they concluded that it was exactly what they said when they lived in the forest and looked at the stars and to the whole sky: -It must be somebody very powerful and intelligent that made all this. And now we know who was, Jesus Christ.

They told that they knew that there was a good being and creator of nature that they called “Apa Wachu” (Big Father) and that there was also an evil being called “Anjawe” (evil being) that destroyed the nature and made the man to have a bad and selfish behavior.
The Aché received Jesus as their Saviour in a group way and all the adult members were baptized at once.

They didn’t adore gods or nature beings. They only had strength and fear symbols like the jaguar and the natural light gas called “beirendy”, a light that sometimes shone in the forest passing like a lightening in their camp. They were very afraid of that because they could not understand how the light appeared and disappeared without leaving traces.

The picture presented is particularly a representation of the gospel’s power. My father-in-law, Rodolfo Fostervold, preaching in Spanish because he was not fluent in aché. These two people are very attentive and very close to him – like Mary on the feet of the Lord – up to now they are very faithful and persevering people in the faith and especially her, is a woman with a powerful prayer and intercession ministry.

Indigenous Issues and Ache education director – Guaraní Teacher Rosalba Fosterbolt