Ten years of PEPE in Senegal

It was in Sinthiurudje, a small muslim village of the Pular ethnic in the South region of the country, that in 2007 the first PEPE unit started taking hope to the children in Senegal. In 2010 a second unit was opened in the city of Kedugu. These two units were part of the work of Radical Teams and they worked during the period the team stayed in those respective localities, the unit in Kedugu continued working for more two years with local servers. In 2011 it was established the interim National Coordination of PEPE and in the same year it was implemented the unit Dund Gi in the city of Mbour with the objective of serving as a model for other units that would start after.

In 2013 started the training of an autochthon National Coordinator and then other churches and missions made partnership with the program that today counts with 12 units working and with a great potential for expansion.

The Senegalese church is still small in some regions other regions the evangelical presence almost does not exist. Many times we lack on financial and human resources. Sometimes, units are not opened because the local churches do not find ME’s with needed educational level to serve in many PEPE units. The challenge is to send ME of a determined church to serve in other locations, mainly in the inner regions. We work with the saying that expresses the missionary DNA “each church a PEPE unit and each unit of PEPE a church.

During these ten years many children passed by the units of PEPE spread in the country. They arrive full of life in their little steps and they are received with much care and expression of Christ’s love. They live discoveries and development receiving a quality education. When they leave they take with them the gospel seed planted in their hearts.

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