South-east Asia celebrates the anniversary of PEPE international

On March 25th, all units of PEPE International in Southeast Asia celebrated the 21st anniversary of the program. Six years ago, PEPE International arrived in the region: in East Timor in 2016 and in India in 2020. Currently, the program has four units, eight trained missionary educators, and 102 assisted children.

In East Timor, the parents of the children and the leaders of the local churches organized a big feast with a meal and birthday cake. Even the former PEPE students returned to the units to celebrate with gratitude on this very special day.

The children played, heard stories about PEPE and God’s love, sang a happy anniversary song, and enjoyed the delicious food. The parents expressed how happy they were that the project arrived in East Timor and the difference PEPE makes in the lives of their children and family. For many of them, it was their first time participating in a celebration event at the PEPE unit.

In India, there were also a lot of games, stories about God’s love, music, and a delicious snack typical of the region. Our national coordinator was very excited about the children singing through the streets of the neighborhood. He said they are looking forward to the return of the presential activities at the PEPE unit.

We praise God because He provided the necessary resources so that the four units of the region could be part of this great celebration for the 21st anniversary of PEPE International.
We know that through PEPE, God has shown his immense compassion for every child and family. Let us pray for the expansion of the program in the region so that more children celebrate and live the compassion of the Father!

Halima Ferreira – PEPE Regional Coordinator in Southeast Asia

Translated by Letícia Pedrosa Rodrigues

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