Promoting PEPE in Guatemala

I thank God because a few weeks ago, we met a couple of Brazilian brothers living in the United States, Ely and Cleyton Oliveira, who serve God in a foundation named Harvest Foundation. Their church supports another one in Huehuetenango City, in western Guatemala. They stated they are willing to start a PEPE unit in that location.

After Quiché, Huehuetenango is the state with the largest child population, as 44% of the inhabitants do not reach the age of majority. According to data from UNICEF, a fifth of residents over six years old cannot read or write. They need PEPE!

We shared with them the challenges of PEPE to reach children, and we are already preparing for a trip to that city to present the Program to the whole church. Subsequently, the training process will begin, which will be done face-to-face with the support of a Guatemalan sister who also lives in the United States and works with children.

According to the brothers, although this country (USA) does not need many things, they need guiding and caring for the children. They believe that through PEPE, God can make a difference for a new future by preparing the new generation. That’s why they expressed the great desire that PEPE also reach the children who live in North America.

We dream and work so that the children of Huehuetenango and the United States may participate in PEPE, a new step towards completing the mission in Guatemala!

Nora Mendoza – national coordinator of PEPE Guatemala

Translated by Victor Baptista

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