PEPE Venezuela mobilize in prayer for the nation

Worried about the current situation of our beloved Venezuelan homeland we started in February of this year a prayer movement with our PEPE children. We went out by the streets of the cities of the country praying in public places, calling for the compassion, for the grace, mercy and changing of God upon our nation. Our only purpose and prayer request is for Venezuela.

It is great to notice when a child understands the power of the prayer. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, said: “Let the children come to me”(Marc 10:13-14). In Mathew 21:12-17,we see that Jesus entered the temple and saw many children claiming and praising God and told to the scribers and priests that were outraged with the situation: God taught the children to offer the perfect praise” mentioning what is written on Psalm 8. Through this movement that we have started, we are helping our children to take to God a big cry for our nation. As we have already seen to happen and also heard from the famous experts the man bow down only before God and the vulnerability and kindness of a child. We used this efficient power of the children to go out and pray, with the respective permission of the families and care of the missionary-educators and the team of PEPE from each church, we claimed to God and also sensitized the men before the claim of the children.

The idea is that the children go followed by the teenagers and youth of the churches and their teachers, that are also our missionary educators, to pray in public space like squares, police stations, streets, courts, educational institutions and other meaningful places for the community. The power of the christian is in the prayer as states many of our songs. Therefore, we can claim and wait trusting that our God will drop his grace and mercy upon the whole nation!

After all, the faith is the assurance of expected things and the proof of unseen things.( Hebrews 11:1).

We invite all to join us in prayer for Venezuela, because together we can see this nation changed!!!

Ruth Saraid
National Coordinator of PEPE Venezuela

Text Edition: Carmen Ligia – Continental Coordinator of PEPE America

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