PEPE Peru with opened doors for inclusion

Peru is a South America Country, currently it has a population of 33.380.496 inhabitants. On UN report Save the Children, Peru took the 92nd place in the list of the most dangerous countries in the world for the children. Therefore, the children constitute one of the most vulnerable sectors of the Peruvian population.

God has poured uncountable blessings upon our children. Among many blessings and overcome stories, I want to highlight the case of Jhaziel, one of our students that has marked my life. He is a beautiful boy that was born with a harelip and the slander palate. Because of that, he passed by three different surgeries, but unfortunately, without big success. Abandoned by the mother when he was born, today he is cared by his grandparents. His grandmother sought help at PEPE and he was immediately enrolled. He fought to communicate well, but many times during the classes the educator could not understand what he said. He started playing with the other children, to interact during the activities, and in a short time the other children started to understand him very well. That’s why, they were his translators to the educator whenever she had difficulty to understand him. The boy like to act and in December he took all his family, grandparents and brothers, to the church to watch a drama as one of the three shepherds on the Christmas play of PEPE. He is an assiduous student also in the Sunday Bible School of the church where he continues to study as a PEPE student For us from the team, Jhaziel is a big miracle of God because he presents a perfect writing, thus, he learned to write as he listens and not like he speaks. Jhaziel is only one among the many cases of inclusion that PEPE has embraced with love and expectations.

Pray for the Peruvian PEPEs to be strengthened in the Lord and to overcome this time of crisis without big consequences that may affect as much the children as our missionary-educators. Pray as well for all the children that are part of our inclusion programs in each unit.

National Coordinator of PEPE in PERU

Text Edition: Carmen Ligia-Continental Coordinator of PEPE in Americas