PEPE Nicaragua makes the first virtual meeting

The teachers of PEPE are called missionary-educators because that is what they really are. : missionaries sent by God to help the Nicaraguan to grow in wisdom being literate; in stature receiving medical, deontological and nutritional care; in favor with men learning to respect people around them; in favor with God learning to love and talk to God through prayer. Due to this great responsibility, we worry about keeping the presential meetings to encourage-them.

But, since the quarantine has started in our country, we were stopped of making these meetings. But as PEPE in Nicaragua does not STOP, this week God gave us the joy to give a new step: we had our first virtual meeting. We could gather with efforts the area coordinators and the missionary-educators because nor everyone has internet access. It was a useful and blessing time for the work expansion with our PEPE children, who are in different cities and different churches. We praise God for the joy of this reunion.

God is blessing the families, children and missionary-educators besides this whole situation we are living with this pandemic. He tall us in 1 Corinthians 16:13: “ Watch out! Stand firm in your faith. Be brave! Be strong!” It is exactly what we have done: always watching, trying to be brave and keeping firm in the power of our God who is the great Planner and Supporter of PEPEs. We can see the hand of our God in everything we do, and this has been our strength, because our God is our strength!

Lizeth Trinidad
National Coordinator of PEPE Nicaragua

Text Edition: Carmen Ligia – Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas