PEPE Mozambique conducts PEPE promotion with 40 pastors and leaders

PEPE is a dream for millions of children in Mozambique, Africa. Therefore, the dissemination of the program is fundamental to ensure this dream reaches the churches and Mozambican communities, bringing hope to the hearts of children.

PEPE Mozambique carried out the promotion of PEPE program to more than 40 pastors and church leaders from two different areas: 33 from the Lichinga area, north of Mozambique, and 7 from the Zambezia area. The action allowed the signing of an agreement with nine churches, which are already being prepared for the opening of the units this year.

During the presentation of PEPE in Lichinga, the coordinator Albino Uriva stressed that PEPE program is a powerful tool for church planting and community service. In the Zambezia area, coordinator Montinho Martinho says that PEPE was very well received by local authorities as a program that will change the present and future of children.

Spreading PEPE to churches and Christian associations is part of the strategic actions of the program.

Data provided by: Montinho Martinho & Albino Uriva

David Panganhe
Southern Africa Regional Coordinator

Translated by Letícia Pedrosa Rodrigues

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