PEPE Bolivia 2023, present!

Cochabamba is a Bolivian city surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Andes, with total prominence on Tunari Peak, which is about 5,023 meters high. In Los Molinos, a place for camps located in the northeastern zone of the city, the 9th Congress of missionary-educators of PEPE Bolivia, an intensive workshop on “Continuing Formation of PEPE” was held on March 31 and April 1. 

Right at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by beautiful and large trees and a river, wonderful works, we rejoice in God and Jesus for having a beautiful moment of much learning and feedback from the PEPE Program, with the participation of 27 missionaries educators accompanied by two pastors with their wives who came from the cities: Cochabamba, La Paz, and Santa Cruz.

Pastor Rubén Gonzales, Regional Coordinator of PEPE in the Spanish language 1, gave us the workshops and lectures and we thank God for his life and willingness to travel from Paraguay to bless us with very timely teachings, useful tools for our work with children, their families and communities of PEPE in Bolivia. He taught different topics about the curriculum in his activities and suggestions for work in the classroom, work with parents on visits to PEPE VAI, the importance of protecting the child, the process of growth of a PEPE, and other topics that were very relevant and timely for this time of expansion of the ministry in our country.

Good time to have and make new friends and meet them in the different activities we had. In addition to the workshops, we learned how to make a campfire and visited a small waterfall in the mountains with a 90-minute ride. We had moments of exchange of knowledge, dreams, and projects and strengthen each other in the Lord to continue steadfast and move forward, with what God has trusted in our hands.

This congress was an opportune and precious time that God gave us to invest in the team that is on the front line, working directly with children with patience, love, and a lot of dedication and, for sure, will bring fruit in the daily work of PEPE Bolivia. Let’s stay together until we complete the mission!

To God be the Glory, today and forever!

 “For all things come from him, exist through him, and are unto him. To him be all glory forever! Amen”. (Romans 11:36)

Mary Luz Fonseca – National Coordinator PEPE Bolivia

Translated by Letícia Pedrosa Rodrigues