PEPE Argentina warming children

With the cold season coming and the temperature reaching the highest 19°C and the least 6°C, sisters from the Baptist Union Women of Argentina, moved by love and compassion, gather to make wraps to be sent to warm the pepitos that are in one the poorest region of the country. Parents of these children have no resources to buy wraps, as all their incomes, fruit os their daily labor, is to buy food for the whole family.

Last year, these sisters gathered to make winter kits that were sent to many pepitos. The kits contained wrap, socks, scarf, beanie and gloves. Besides being warmed by the new clothes, the children felt warmed also by God’s love taken to them through PEPE and also through sisters and brothers that support the program.

Besides the cold, we were also worried about this pandemic. Many of our children live in very poor homes, without internet access, computer or even a simple cell phone. So, we started asking ourselves how to help these children to keep their studies at home and how to continue visiting them and feeding them and warming them.

It was then, that we gathered to get donations of food (rice, beans, sugar, etc.), we made copies of the school activities, we separate the wraps and worn the protection mask to go to their houses taking a beautiful surprising winter kit. The smiles of children and parents were contagious and made worth our effort. As Jesus taught us to help one of these little ones is the best thing in the world!

Graciela Alencastro
Coordinator of PEPE in Argentina

Carmen Ligia – text edition – Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas