PEPE Angola holds the graduation of 830 children

PEPE Angola holds the graduation of more than 830 children in 60 units, with a team of 101 missionary-educators, accompanied by more than 70 pastors. 

Graduation was held in four phases, in a period of 30 days. In the first phase, there were 14 units with 176 children; in the second, there were 18 units with 350 children; in the third, 17 units with 180 children were reached and in the fourth phase 11 units with 124 children.

Parents and guardians, community leaders, government members, pastors and church leaders were special guests in the graduation and welcomed the results achieved, having they themselves participated in the pedagogical, cultural and Biblical demonstrations made by the children. 

According to national coordinator Manuel Wafumbua, the 830 children who move to elementary school and the 60 churches that develop the PEPE have committed themselves to keep on teaching the principles of God’s word.

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Source of information: Manuel Wafumbua

Written by: David Panganhar

Translated by Márcia Garcia

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