New Pepitos of Southeast Asia lives the power to change

This year our child campaign theme is “LIVE! JESUS ​​IS POWER”. I believe that many children will have the opportunity to be changed by the Power, not just that, but also to live this Power in their own families and communities as it has been happening in one small country in Southeast Asia.

On January 21st, PEPEs in Southeast Asia started a new school year and were able to register 54 children which adding to the remaining ones from last year are 80 children who will be assisted this year for our three units and five educators. Even with the increase on the Covid-19 cases in the region, the Ministry of Education allowed the school activities to return.

Our educators also live the Power to change, because it is Jesus through his Holy Spirit who has enabled and given wisdom for them to work with the children. An example of that, is that this new school yea, the educators used rice grains to develop the motor coordination of the little fingers of our new pepitos in order for them to learn how to handle the pencil. Besides that they are teaching these new children about Jesus, thus these children as many others from last year will be able to be changed by the Power, will have the opportunity to know about the love of Jesus for them.

With less than one month of activities, ten families were visited by our educators and one mother was already reached by the Power and love of Jesus. We praise God because this Power is truly changing the lives of our little ones and their families in Southeast Asia.
PEPE in southeast Asia has many challenges and counts on you to pray for them. There two units that follows without helpers to assist the educators with the activities with children. In one unit the local church is not able to support the educator financially, even though she keeps working. Let’s pray for our Father to change this situation through His changing Power.

That we may keep living with all the boldness the Power, the Love that changes lives and gives us temperance in all situations!

Halima Ferreira
Regional Coordinator of South Asia.