Miracle in PEPE Paraguay

Alan is a four-year-old boy who, this year, was enrolled by his parents at PEPE El Salado , in Paraguay. He had never spoken a word, he only communicated by signs, which led his parents to believe he was deaf. So they enrolled their son in PEPE without much hope that Alan would learn anything, but at least he could spend time there. The child was accepted on the condition that the parents accompany the child’s development by attending all the parent meetings convened by the PEPE. And so began the process of Alan’s development under the care of his missionary-educator, receiving academic teaching, emotional attention, affection from peers, and lots of love.

Soon, the parents began to see the changes in their son’s attitudes and were moved when they first heard Alan’s voice pronouncing words to communicate with them. All Alan needed to start talking was to relate to people. It was at PEPE, with the missionary-educator and friends that Alan was able to say his first words and that joy also reached his home. Alan is now an affectionate boy and, along with his parents, he is attending the PEPE church, where they are getting to know more about God and Jesus.

PEPE brings joy to children’s lives, while taking Jesus into their homes, reaching their families. That is why it is so important to pay attention, care, protect and value children as a human being in formation. The child, whether in church, school or on the street, is not only there to obey everything that the adult commands, but rather to understand and learn to take correct actions. What they learn in childhood stays with them for life, good or bad. May they grow up knowing that they will be happy if they walk in the ways of our God.

Let us do our part to bring joy to thousands of children, starting with those close to us, but also reaching, through our offerings and prayers, those in distant countries. Keep praying for the 9,106 children we are reaching this year through PEPE in the Americas, that they all know Jesus as Savior and Lord!

Carmen Ligia
Coordinator of PEPEs In all the Americas

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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