Jobs for unemployed parents of our PEPE children

Two parents of our children from PEPE unit in the local community get jobs after more than a year unemployed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone around the world is facing different kinds of problems due to pandemic. People, who depend on daily wages, are now without any type of income. This is also happening here in South Asia. We are facing great challenges with the unemployment increasing in our country. Many companies, offices, shops were forced to reduce their staff to continue operating. Others had to shut their doors.

As we were visiting PEPE families in the community, we noticed the despair of many families that lost their jobs, and did not have how to supply their basic needs. From that moment on, we started praying to the Lord about how we could help them. 

And the Lord showed me. I started researching jobs for them on agencies and with some contacts I have. As a result, I got an interview for Krishna on a printing department and for Pramod on a security department. Thanks to God both of them passed on the interviews and got the jobs. Other 15 went out for interview as well, but they were not selected. I am still helping them to look for new opportunities.

Let’s keep praying for God to open doors and bless more families of our PEPE children, in order to change this hard reality we are facing.

Vilas Raypure
National Coordinator in South Asia

Translated by Halima Ferreira

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