III national conference of PEPE Angola

III national conference of PEPE Angola Among the days 21st and 24th of August of the current year, happened in the city of Mbanza Longo, in Angola, the III National Conference of PEPE.

The event was attended by 70 participants from which 60 were Missionary-Educators and 10 were pastors and leaders of the local churches like Reverend Mbungo Castro David, Executive Secretary of the Evangelical Baptist Church in Angola and Reverend Mário Vontade, Executive Secretary of the Baptist Convention in Angola; Besides Missionary David Fernando Panganhe, Regional Coordinator of PEPE Southern Africa.

This memorable event that has registered the presence of 30 churches, it has been considered as a restart for the local communities launching a new age for the PEPE in Angola. There is a great expectation from the churches to know how a PEPE Unit works, because in the Province where the meeting happened, there is no unit of PEPE implemented up to now.

The city of Mbanza Longo, which has the privilege of having its Baptist temple listed as a World Heritage Site, also had, during this meeting, the privilege to start the first researches for new PEPE units implementation in the region. This city has a really impacting history on how God used the English Baptists to show his love for the Angolan People and now has been reached once more by the blessings of God through The Brazilian Baptists and PEPE.

There are many benefits of PEPE for the region, since besides offering a quality pre-school education it is also available to promote community development through the support in several areas. During the event, the Executive Secretary of the Baptist Convention in Angola, Reverend Mário Vontade, made a few considerations that shows how PEPE has been a blessing for the churches, for the children and the communities in Angola.

During the event the new Unit Implementation Manual was presented and each of the 30 churches committed themselves to put it into practice, being sure that it is a powerful tool to better serve God and consequently the children and the local communities.

Pray for PEPE Angola, for all the leadership, for the missionary-educators and for each child assisted by our program. Pray for the Lord to guide the strategies used in the region and for each decision taken toward a work of excellence. Pray that every life transformed by Jesus through PEPE will also be an agent of local transformation.

May God make the earth to rejoice through PEPE Angola!

Hellen Alves
Pedagogical Consultant of PEPE International
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