I can do it!

Do you know which is the country of the upright men? If you say Burkina Faso, you are right. This country in West Africa has recently experienced a multidimensional crisis. Insecurity has caused nearly two million people to leave their homes and seek refuge in other cities or regions. As a result, 40% of the population has been affected by the reduction of basic services such as health and education. The food and nutrition crisis is getting worse with time.

There is certainly agreement that health is a precious commodity, so its preservation is a principle that must be pursued with full commitment. What would you do to protect your health and that of your family?

In considering how to improve the quality of life of children and their families, PEPE, which aims to provide comprehensive education for children, has developed complementary projects on health. Actions on health education, nutrition and POPE, the preventive and educational dental program, are carried out. The complementary projects seek to raise awareness among families about disease prevention by teaching them in a simple and accessible way.

In Burkina Faso, where eleven PEPE units operate, it was no different. Together with the children’s parents and the local community, educational presentations were given about oral hygiene and its importance.

At POPE, daily tooth brushing is part of the PEPE’s routine to teach young students about healthy living. In addition to the educational lessons, they learn how to properly perform oral hygiene. The national coordinator, Pastor Cassimir Belem, has carried out these activities with the support of Christian volunteers who have given their time and knowledge in the communities where PEPE has developed. The community, in turn, appreciates the efforts and commitment of all those who strive to make improvements for the population.

Help PEPE’s work in the service of children and communities in Burkina.

Antônio Daniel – National Coordination of PEPE Burkina Faso

Translated by Ana Maria dos Santos Ignacio