From caretaker to PEPE’s misionary educator!

In January 2015, Danelia Vallecillo’s life changed completely by accepting the challenge of teaching to the children of the newly inaugurated PEPE of the Monte Horeb Baptist Church in San Rafael del Sur, Manágua.

She worked as a caretaker of the temple, cleaning daily and taking care of the facilities when she received the proposal to accept the position of educator of the children of PEPE, since the educator who was being prepared could not take up the challenge.

The new missionary educator had been approved in high school and with much love to give the children, but felt motivated to have a greater academic preparation. And with this step of faith, got a scholarship and completed the Pedagogy Degree in 2018.

After seven years of continuous work at PEPE, this dear missionary educator said she feels incredibly grateful to God and to the PEPE’s Nicaragua Program. Her life has changed radically, she went to college, her financial life has improved, her self-esteem has increased and she enjoys every day teaching the children of PEPE and serving the Lord in the Church.

Lizeth Detrinidad
Coordinator of PEPE Nicaragua

Text editing: Carmen Ligia

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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