Examples to follow from PEPE Paraguay

Three years ago, he was born in the city of Iparacaí in Paraguay, in a very needy neighborhood, the PEPE Jeshua. This PEPE has stood out with a vision of excellence in service and teaching. Children are being instructed and evangelized in response to the commitment and dedication of the church and the PEPE team. This year we have 69 children from kindergarten to preschool, who in addition to doing activities also eat lunch at PEPE, because each church family adopted a family to pray, visit, evangelize and accompany.

So that the PEPE could function in a face-to-face manner, the church worked making all the necessary biosafety adjustments required by the government. Love for God and for children has made all the difference in this church that lives missions and works so that all children and their families know Jesus and are transformed by his love and power!

The PEPE Cordeirinhos de Villa Madrid has also stood out positively. For example, on the occasion that the missionary-educators joined some chefs, volunteer cooks, and taught the children to put their “hands in the dough” preparing delicious Paraguayan chipas. Chipas are very similar to the pão de queijo (cheese bread) we eat in Brazil. It was gratifying to see each child participating in the whole process and, at the end, eating with joy, a delicious chipa prepared by themselves!

Pray for the entire PEPE Paraguay team so that resources arrive and PEPE’s continue to bring hope to many hearts!

Pr. Javier Galarza
National coordinator of PEPE Paraguay

Text editing – Carmen Ligia

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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