Even in a pandemic, a new PEPE in Bolivia is born

The PEPE “Noah’s Ark” is the newest unit of the Program in Bolivia. It just started in Cochabamba city, reaching 17 kids that will have assistance during all this year. This means seventeen lives, seventeen generations and seventeen families that will be impact with the power that transforms! However, this victory was not that simple. It was the result of a lot of prayer.

Initiate a new PEPE unit in Bolivia in times of a pandemic has been a challenge. Numerous churches, that wants to have a PEPE does not have the basic resources to build a space that offers well-being to the children. Even so, as we all say: “The PEPE Program does not belong to us, belongs to God and He is the one who sends the resources, because His love and worry for this kids is much bigger than we all can imagine”.

Knowing that, we all joined in prayer and action. The Lord responded us and gave resources to buy tables, chairs, and educational material, and because of that we could open one more unit. Now we have eleven PEPEs working, some with remote education and some in-person. How they work in each PEPE it’s decided according to the pandemic measures in each city. However, regardless any circumstances, we stay strong, living the changing power in Bolivia!

Pray for the PEPE team in Bolivia and for all the kids Jesus sent us to take care, love, and teach!

Kathia Arredondo
Bolívia’s PEPE Coordinator

Carmen Lígia – Editor

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

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