Continued formation of the missionary-educators in Guinea-Conakry

This year we decided to make the formation about exposition and posters in a different way from the previous years, gathering the missionary-educators and guiding them to work in team to make our Unit of PEPE a place that stimulates the learning.

Formação continuada dos missionários-educadores em Guiné Conacri

All of them were excited with the formation model that allowed us to share, change experiences, giving knowledge in a harmonious environment. At the end, all of us could say “we did” and not “I did”, showing a spirit of team and cooperation.

This is an excellent method that allows the educators to teach and learn with each other. This is a less tiring and more motivating method.

The continued formation has been a really differential between PEPE and the other programs. Through the continuous formation we can guarantee the quality and efficiency in our work, always doing the necessary updates.

Thank you and may God bless all of us in this ministry!

Momo Youla
PEPE Coordinator in Guinea -Conakry