A miracle at PEPE Mexico

Darwin Gael is a child that happily and faithfully goes to the unit of PEPE “Serve and Give” in the city of Monterey in Mexico. But last year, he had a serious of problems in the gum that stopped him of participating in the delicious moment of snack. His mother, Mayela Vera took him to the dentist and discovered that he needed a sugery and endodontic treatment. Obviously, it was very expensive for Darwin’s family to afford it.

When Mayela told us about Darwin’s situation, during a Christmas festivity, we requested prayers for his life and support to make the treatment, we decided to help. From that moment on, PEPE’s team gathered in prayer putting that family’s need in God’s hand, and started going door to door asking for help.

This year in May, the Baptist church “God is here” in the city of Monterey, Nuevo Leon, and the Association “Serve and Give” took responsibility for Darwin’s care. Through an established cooperation with Rotary Club in Monterey, we could take Darwin to make an evaluation without any cost to the family. The dentist responsible for the treatment, Dr. Teresa, guided by the Lord, reduced the intervention’s expenses to more than 50%. So, God started moving the hearts of people to raise the needed amount: US$700,00.

With all the resources raised, we guided our prayers to the surgery and recovering of our dear student. Today, Darwin recovered very well, what allows him to eat normally and keep developing. This situation showed us, Darwin, his little brother Johavy, who also grows at PEPE and his parents, the kindness of God, his grace and incomparable love for His children.

In difficult situations, God keep working in the heart of his children and keep guiding us to be light of this world, because PEPE DOES NOT STOP in Mexico!!!

Bertha Salgado
National coordinator of PEPE Mexico