A memorable day

PEPE in Mali ends its activities every year in June 16th, World African Children’s Day that reminds the massacre of children demanding their rights in Soweto, South Africa. So, as this is a significant day for African children, the closing program is filmed and broadcast on a national television.

This year, we organized the closing ceremony at the Baptist Church in Bamako, where all the other units gathered. There were 177 children present from the local unit and the other units were represented by missionary educators, such as the PEPE in Manatali, represented by its director, and PEPE in Fana, represented by its director-pastor. The community really responded to our invitation and over 200 people came to celebrate this beautiful day with the students’ parents. We also had the presence of religious leaders, community leaders, and the general in charge of churches in Mali.

During the ceremony, which theme was “together for an urgent action in favor of homeless children”, the students had a special participation according to the theme, in addition to performing a theater, reciting poetry and displaying teaching materials to demonstrate their learnings. Parents, in turn, expressed gratitude to PEPE Mali for the love they see from missionary educators for their children. At the end of the program, there was communion time followed by a delicious meal.

People appreciate the work we are doing in Mali, as PEPE is a real social support for families. As such, we are asked to serve several regions of Mali. Let us pray that God takes us to the four corners of this country.

National Coordination

Translated by Gerson Paulino Raquissone

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